What the F*ck is this?

            A cure to some of your mental jabber

1. Thoughts that make you giggle but can never find the right context to add to a future conversation

2. Opinions that would make your friends and peers perceive you as a most unsightly fellow*
(Please see the guidelines for how not to be a twit and ruin the fun)

3. Poems that may, or may not have been written while you were still crushing it in grade school

4. Drunken ramblings that must see the light of day but under no circumstances have your name attached

5. The inner turmoil of sarcastically inclined persons whose lives are governed by laws of some bastard named Murphy

 6. Novice gardeners who also fancy themselves poets

7. People who wore leather in secondary school but now wear suits and hate their boss
(alternatively; people who traded leather for Carhartts and can decipher hobo-glyphs)

          How do I play?

1. Use the right paper for the job. This experiment is about finding the ability to allow yourself to litter the world with your nonsense. Also, allowing the unsuspecting "finder" to have a proper burial for your thoughts, we do ask that you use paper with seeds (preferably something that isn't toxic or invasive to your region). *Links below to make your own or buy online.

2. When building your book, it is recommended you use practices that are not super shitty to the environment; worst-case scenario, the finder has no sense of humor and just tosses the book away. Hemp or some sort of biodegradable string to secure your pages would be cool, but like anything in this project, this is primarily up to you.

3. Hide your Drunken Philosophers book and wait for an unsuspecting bystander to discover their new-found treasure. Allow fate to take over once you dispose of your DP book; being a lurker would defeat the purpose of the game and would kind of make you a creep.

                       (because technically there are no rules.)

1. Sure, life sucks and all, therapy is expensive, we get it.  That being said, please refrain from writing out fantastical stories of violence towards yourself, that cheating spouse of yours, or that guy that just stole your bike while you were reading this.

2. In the true spirit of this game, we would like to thank The Dead Kennedys for their immortal words; "Nazi Punks F*ck off." We at Drunken Philosophers believe that this statement should be a guideline close to the top. If you happen to align with philosophies that fancy swastikas or believe certain people shouldn't be allowed to co-exist or vote, well, F*ck off.

3. Don't be the prick that hides your contribution in the kids section. That is behavior that ruins all the fun. You will have no friends if you act like that.

4. See #2 just to make sure you read that correctly.

5. Appropriately reprimand the guy that thinks rule #2 is an attack on his values because it is.

Alright, now that we have that out of the way, let us have some fun.

We humbly request that all Drunken Philosophers books start with a bit of a preface to cue potential onlookers of what is about to come.


1. Welcome! This book is free. Don't worry, no one in their right mind would charge you for the word vomit that has desecrated these pages. This book is to incite disgust and joy, maybe a few giggles, subsequently you will kill the scripture and bury it. These pages consist of seeds. It is your job to make the world a little sweeter by planting the foulness that is the unrestrained literature of feeble minds, thus letting the flowers grow from its manure.

2. Hey! I am a free book but also wanted to let you know I am full of stuff that probably isn't cool for people with weak senses of humor or are under the age of 18. That being said, if you are one of those strange 15-17-year-old kids who for some reason has a job, gets Kurt Vonnegut's jokes, knows the ornamental delicacies of foul language and most likely knows where your parents stash their weed, well its probably okay if you play the game too. These pages are packed with seeds of herbs/flowers. You now must bury them in a place that needs a spark of color.

3. Oh hi there, fancy seeing you around these parts. This is a little book to show you how I view the world. I just wanted to share it with someone. This book is free and plantable, help spread some joy and add color to this world by playing along. All you have to do is tear out these pages, plant them, water them, and they will grow herbs or flowers.

  ****At the end of your rambles, please include #Foundathing and the website DrunkenPhilosophers.com so others can join in on the fun. ******


There are many places in which to procure your appropriate paper, here are a few to get your search started

Printer Safe:



Probably NOT Printer safe:


DIY (for you crafty peoples) https://www.naturesseed.com/blog/how-to-make-plantable-seed-paper/

If for some reason you can't get enough of this project. You demand more badly written rambles or hysterical one person banter. You can see if anyone else is out there by following @PlatoWouldBePissed on Instagram, @DrunkenPhiloso5 on twitter, and searching #Foundathing to see who else is apart of the game or who may have found your contribution to the world.

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